Ragged Robin Single Flower Essence

Ragged Robin Single Flower Essence

30ml bottles of stock strength single flower essences.

Ragged Robin (ref 59) works on the Crown Chakra and Emotional Body. It is for those unable to celebrate life, often feeling isolated and lonely. They have separated themselves, due to where they live, age, language or beliefs. This essence is a purifyer allowing free flow of life force. It can help to re-unite people, mend fences or develop new friendships.


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    There are many more Single Essences available, DM us for individual essences, ie Blackthorn, Yarrow, Daffodil, Forsythia, Ragged Robin, Lungwort, Dandilion, Stitchwort, Bind Weed, Ash Leaf Maple, Lesser Century, Chicory, Opium Poppy, Borage, Red Clover, Buddleja, Columbine, Snap Dragon, Birds Foot Trefoil, Stinging Nettle, Mickelmas Daisy, Forget-me Not, Milkwort and many more. 

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