Personalised Flower Essence Blend

Personalised Flower Essence Blend


Which essences do you really need? Order your own personal 'Bunch' online. It is a tailor made selection for your current energy state. As all energy is connected we can remotely tune into what your body needs to rebalance energetically. Then we make up your prescription and send it in the post with a full explanation of what each flower essence selected does to rebalance you.

  • Delivery and Returns Policy

    This item is bottled in a 30ml Glass Dropper Bottle. We ensure the product is wrapped to withstand being delivered through the postal system. Please contact us if your product has been damaged in transit as soon as you receive it. Most packages are received within 2 weeks of order, but this does depend on where in the world they are being sent. Due to the nature of the personalisation of this product we do not have  a returns policy. We believe you will be delighted with your Personalised Flower Essences, but if for any reason you are not, please contact us, stating your issue. Thank you for ordering from us.

  • Postage

    This item includes free letter postage to Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If you wish to order outside these areas, please contact us for a postal rate. We cannot take resposibility for paying any local taxes. 

55,00 €Price
55,00 € per 30 Milliliters


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