Nighty Night Therapy Blended Flower Essence

Nighty Night Therapy Blended Flower Essence


For restful and peaceful sleep.  This blend contains 6 individual essences which are Blackthorn for those feeling fragile, even desparate after making bad judgements the essence re-kindles our creativity and knowledge. Aloe Vera restores our inner balance when we are exhusted metally and physically. Damson Plum promotes self-worth, empowerment and motivation. Agrimony is for ridding yourself of hidden worries and promoting a peaceful, cheerful outlook. Purple Crocus strengthens your connection to your higher self, aiding telepathy, spirtual communication and sychronicity and finally Hemp which is specifically for sleeplessness, removing cares and worries, allowing relaxation and sleep. Here is the video link to see the blend explained:


    30ml Blended Flower Essence at Dosage strength. Contained in a sealed dropper bottle.


    Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns. However if you are unhappy with it for some reason or it arrived damaged, please contact us.



    1 bottle postage and packing costs 3 euros for International delivery. If you are purchasing more than I bottle, please contact us for delivery charges as it will be based on weight.


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    Flower Essences are not a replacement for prescribed medicines.

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