First Aid Therapy Blended Flower Essence

First Aid Therapy Blended Flower Essence


For panic attacks, anxiety, accidents and emergencies. Situations where worry, upset and stress happen very quickly. This blend contains 6 individual essences; Cat's Ear, which calms the nerves following an accident and reduces your emotional response, Field Woodrush protects your solar plexus and prevents over reaction to emotional events, Veronica Spicata highlights the way forwards by assimilating all the choices you have open to you and showing you the right path to take, Red Crocosmia is very grounding giving power to your base chakra, Cow Parsley helps with over reaction to emotional issues and stress and finally Bitter Cress helps channel the light to you and aid understanding.

Here is the link to my video about this essence:


    30ml Blended Flower Essence at Dosage strength. Contained in a sealed dropper bottle.


    Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns for this product. However if you are unhappy with it for some reason or it arrived damaged, please contact us.


    1 bottle postage and packing costs 3 euros for International delivery. If you are purchasing more than I bottle, please contact us for delivery charges as it will be based on weight. 

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    Flower Essences are not a replacement for prescribed medicines.

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