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So, what are Flower Essences?

Updated: Mar 6

Flower Essences are a very simple method of capturing the energetic pattern or statement of a plant.

All plants have a unique energy statement. This is not to be confused with the chemical make-up of a plant, so often used in medicine. Because the process of extracting the energetic statement from the plant is harmless, potentially any plant can be used, which is not the case with essential oils, homeopathy and herbalism.

The culmination of a plants growth is it’s flower, so energetically it encapsulates the plants “raison d’etre “,it is this part of the plant that is used to make an essence. The energy statement is then saved in a water and alcohol solution to preserve the essence of the flower. Contrary to what a lot of people think, flower essences do not smell fragrant at all, they just smell of the alcohol used, which is normally brandy.

Each plants energy statement has an effect on our energy, should we need that plants help. If we don’t, then nothing happens. They are completely harmless and you cannot overdose on them. They work in simple terms by rebalancing your energy with the stable energy of the plant. So if you are feeling anxious for instance, the appropriate plant would stabilise that emotion and reduce the anxiety. They are instant in their healing and re-balancing properties, but they are very subtle, so in our example, for us to lose our feeling of anxiety, the essences would need to be taken over a 3- 4 week period to re-educate our body’s responses to prevent the feelings of anxiety.

Flower Essences work on our energy bodies at a Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical level as well as our auric bodies, where old patterning can be held. I catagorize my essences in this way to help identify which level they are healing and re-balancing our bodies.

The range of energy statements from plants is vast, you only need to think about the number of different plants in the world to realise the potential healing properties out there yet to be discovered.

Featured flower, Orange Day Lily

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